GF schools get incentive check

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

GREEN FOREST -- The Green Forest School District was awarded an incentive check of $5,364.28 from Entergy Arkansas, Inc.

The school received the funds through the CitySmart Program for increasing the energy efficiency of the lighting and air-conditioning systems in its new middle school. The no-cost CitySmart Program provides technical and financial support to help school districts and cities identify and implement energy efficiency upgrade projects.

The incentive was determined by the total amount of energy the district will save. The new construction project will save nearly 82,500 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, equivalent to preventing the carbon dioxide emissions of approximately 6,700 gallons of gasoline, according to Environmental Protection Agency calculations.

"It's important that our district sets a positive example for our community, and reducing our energy use is a critical step," said Superintendent John Calaway. "In addition to the energy savings, our students and faculty appreciate learning and working in a green building."

As part of its participation in the program, Green Forest School District will continue to evaluate additional efficiency opportunities.

"We look forward to working with Entergy and the CitySmart Program to identify ways to further reduce energy use," said Calaway. "Energy efficiency projects make sound financial sense, as the reduced energy use generally offsets the cost of the initial investment."

"We identified a real need for an energy efficiency program that specifically targets cities and schools, especially as budgets are spread thin," said Entergy Customer Service Manager Mike Ragland. "This program is an organized effort to bring needed resources and energy efficiency to Arkansas."

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