Commission impressed by terminal design

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
This simple model for a proposed terminal building at the Carroll County Airport shows the use of wing shapes to design a striking building. The south-facing wall at the bottom of the picture is mostly glass, and faces the runway. A covered porch area also faces the runway, and has a wing-shaped roof. Mike Ellis / Carroll County News

CARROLL COUNTY -- The members of the Carroll County Airport Commission were bowled over by a proposed design for a new terminal building for the airport.

Josh Siebert and Chris Baribeau, with Modus Studio in Fayetteville, presented a preliminary draft of their concept for a new terminal. The design incorporates the features which the commissioners had stressed, including a lot of glass on the south side of the building, facing the runway.

The building footprint uses shapes suggested by an airplane wing and fuselage. It will have just over 2,000 square feet of heated space, with a single-pitch roof sloping back away from the runway.

A wing-shaped roof covers an open porch area, which also faces the runway.

This plan view shows the aeronautical shapes combined to make a proposed terminal building for the Carroll County Airport. Architects with Modus Studio provided the following legend: 1. Covered entry; 2. Gallery; 3. Manager's office; 4. Storage/mechanical; 5. Multi-purpose room; 6. Pilots' lounge; 7. Bar; 8. Covered terrace; 9. Pilots' quarters; 10. Restrooms; 11. Stairs to observation deck. This plan is only a first draft.

"This building will be both a museum and an artifact," Siebert said. The designers pointed out that they wanted the building to look as striking from the air as from the ground.

They presented the design using computer features which allowed the commissioners to see how the building would look from various angles, and how it would occupy its space. The presentation also showed how the building would look to a pilot approaching and landing.

The design features a lot of open space, so it will appear bigger than the actual square footage.

A small kitchen area is located adjacent to the covered deck. An observation deck, 12 feet by seven feet, will be located above the lounge area, and will provide an ideal location to watch takeoffs and landings.

The Modus team plans to take the preliminary plans into a more detailed projection, so they can begin to prepare bid packages. They hope to have the project ready for bids by the beginning of February.

The terminal is expected to cost between $200,000 and $250,000, and 80 percent of the cost will come from a state grant.


* Commission Chairman Dave Teigen reported on speaking at the Berryville Chamber of Commerce banquet. He also had a recent live interview on KESA radio.

* This meeting was held at noon, and future meetings of the commission will be at noon on the first Thursday of the month, at the Carroll County Airport.

* Airport Manager Perry Evans reported good fuel sales in October, despite generally poor weather.

* A project to replace runway lights has been delayed because the contractor had not received some of the lights. The airport will be without runway lights while the lights are replaced, so the job will not start until the contractor has everything needed to finish the job.

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