Hurricanes, Naturals baseball teams take season-ending titles

Friday, June 12, 2009
Safe! A Green Forest Cardinal base runner stole home and just beat the tag during opening action of the Minor League season-ending tournament on Thursday, June 4. The Hurricanes won the Minor League tournament, with Eureka Springs winning the Rookie League tournament.

By David McNeal

CCN Sports Editor

BERRYVILLE -- The Berryville Hurricanes roared to the finals of the Berryville Parks and Recreation baseball Minor League season-ending tournament Tuesday and took the title in a close, exciting game with the Green Forest Enforcers.

In the Rookie League tournament, the Eureka Springs Naurals took the title on Monday, defeating the Green Forest Cardinals 11-8.

The Rookie League third place game was all Berryville, with the Bobcats defeating the Razorbacks, and in Minor League, the Thunder defeated the Wolverines for third place.


(Age 10-and-under)

Thursday, June 4

Hurricanes over Shell Knob; Wolverines over Cardinals; Thunder over A's; Enforcers over Naturals.

Monday, June 8

Hurricanes over Wolverines; Enforcers over Thunder.

Tuesday, June 9

Championship- Hurricanes over Enforcers; Third place- Thunder over Wolverines.


(Age 8-and-Under)

Friday, June 5

Razorbacks over Panthers; Naturals over Dirt Devils; Cardinals over Tigers; Bobcats over Gunslingers.

Saturday, June 6

Naaturals over Razorbacks; Cardinals over Bobcats.

Monday, June 8

Championship- Naturals over Cardinals; Third place- Bobcats over Razorbacks.


Minor League

Hurricanes- 16-1; Thunder- 14-3; Enforcers- 12-5; Wolverines- 10-7; Cardinals- 5-10; Naturals- 4-11; A's- 3-12; Shell Knob- 0-15.

Rookie League

Razorbacks- 10-3; Cardinals- 10-3; Naturals- 9-3; Bobcats- 7-5-1; Gunslingers- 4-6; Dirt Devils- 4-7; Panthers- 2-9; Tigers- 0-10-1.

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