County courts get metal detectors

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

CARROLL COUNTY -- Anyone attending district or circuit court may be scanned with a metal detector.

The county has received four portable wands, two each for the eastern and western district circuit courts.

At the discretion of a presiding judge, the wands may be used to check for prohibited weapons in courtrooms.

County Judge Richard Williams said the wands were received through a security grant from the Office of the Arkansas Supreme Court.

Williams said a committee has studied security issues at county courthouses. The committee includes judges, the sheriff, police chiefs, and some courthouse officials.

Williams said when the wands are used, they will be used on everyone other than the judge and law enforcement personnel. He said the wands have already been effective in locating weapons.

"Be prepared to be scanned," Williams advised anyone attending the county's courts.

The quorum court has discussed a variety of courthouse issues over the past year. The state is increasing security demands for courthouses, and Carroll County will face some difficulties in improving security at the Berryville courthouse, the district court in Berryville, and the courthouse in Eureka Springs.

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