220 youth assist Little Portion Hermitage

Saturday, August 2, 2008
Two hundred-twenty young people from Waco and McAllen, Texas, Gainesville, Ga., and Omaha, Neb.,, along with several from Central Methodist Conference youth groups, have contributed 3,575 hours of labor to Little Portion Hermitage Monastery as it recovers from the fire which swept the facility in June. Work will continue until early August, and has included weeding, composting beds, brush clearing, rock removal, log splitting, harvest, snapping beans and shucking corn. Photo submitted

BERRYVILLE --Several youth groups have come to help with a variety of jobs at Little Portion Hermitage, including weeding, composting beds, brush clearing, rock removal, log splitting, harvesting and snapping beans, and shucking corn, according to hermitage spokesperson Peggy Lodewyks.

"Their beautiful spirits and willingness to work was an absolute joy," she said. "The groups joined us in our prayer and work. One group even joined us on our Wednesday fast.

Since the fire, 220 youth have donated 3,575 hours, or the equivalent of 199 work weeks.

"We would like to publicly thank them so much for their generous help and smiling contenance," Lodewyks said. "We are truly blessed by them."

Youth groups and their main coordinators who donated their time and talent include St. Jerome Catholic Church of Waco, Texas, led by Daryl and Mori Nagel; St. Peter Catholic Church of Omaha, Neb., led by Deacon John Zak and Fr. Damien Cook; and Holy Spirit Parish, McAllen, Texas, led by Crawford Higgins.

In addition, TEAMeffort, of Gainsville, Ga., an interdenominational volunteer organization, and several Central Methodist Confernece youth groups have provided support. TEAM effort arrived at Little Portion Hermitage Monastery in mid- June and will continue until early August.

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