School days are here again for Marinell

Monday, June 2, 2008

Is it ever too late to go back to school?

Not to Marinell Harrison, who returned last year to college at age 74.

She's taking online distance learning classes with St. Joseph's College of Maine in Standish, Me., on Lake Sebago. And in the summer, she goes on campus to a pretty place to do summer school with many other people just like her.

Marinell is majoring in theology, and the beauty part is that St. Joseph's accepted nine credits from her study with the University of Hawaii when she and her husband, Bob, lived in the Marshall Islands 45 years ago.

"I had to figure out the computer!" she said, but Bob helped her, so she's emailing her assignments and contributing to online forums with the best of them.

She's doing great, too. So far she's had all A's and one B+.

In fact, her English professor liked her paper "Say No to Plastic" so much that he put it on his website as an example of good writing. She also got an A in the course.

Marinell will be taking two classes in summer school this year: Church History and Ethics.

"I'm not much for watching TV or playing bridge," she said. "I like to keep learning!"

Go for it, Marinell!

Would you like to read Marinell's essay? You can find it here.