Tibetan Buddhist monks catch attention of 'Metafizzies'

Friday, December 15, 2006
Geshe-la Thupten Dorjee and Rinzin Dorjee

EUREKA?SPRINGS -- On Dec. 11 the meeting room of the Christian Science Reading Room in Eureka Springs was filled to "sitting on the floor space only" by "Metafizzies," according to spokesperson Kora Lehman de Lahnsfeld, of Alpena.

Geshe-la Thupten Dorjee and Rinzin Dorjee, two Tibetan Buddhist monks who reside in Fayetteville, gave a two-hour introduction in?Tibetan Buddhist philosophy.

After an introductory chant, the audience was invited to participate by asking questions. Topics for discussion included the focal point of Buddhism, which is the mind, along with dying, life after death, the monks' dress code, vegetarianism, love and compassion, the role of meditation, the essence of suffering, and the different and similar viewpoints of Christianity and Buddhism concerning God.

Geshe-la Dorjee also told of the plight of Tibetan monks in exile and the efforts of the Chinese government to eradicate the Tibetan spiritual knowledge and tradition.

Even while the temperature in room rose due to the number attending the session, questions kept coming, and many stayed following the scheduled closing time to buy Tibetan artifacts that the couple sell to support monks in their monastery in southern India. The two are currently teaching at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. Their spring classes will cover Tibetan philosophy and non-violence.

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