HIPC deliberates request for yet another large storage building

Thursday, September 28, 2006

HOLIDAY ISLAND The Holiday Island Planning Commission (HIPC) is faced once again with a request to put up a large metal storage building on a lot adjacent to a home.

Maurice and Georgia Deubler, who own lots at both 9 and 10 Bluewater Circle, requested permission to erect a 24-foot by 30-foot metal storage shed on lot 10 next to their vacation home on lot 9 in order to house their boat.

Technically, that section of Unit 10 is zoned C-1 commercial, which would be a permitted use, but the neighborhood has become residential.

The Deublers want to erect a prefabricated, 29-gauge metal building built by Floyd s. Although the roof and siding materials would not match the white house, the building would be white in color.

Chairman Joe Schuler asked whether the Deublers had considered having the garage stick-built.

We talked to one contractor, and he quoted us twice what this would cost, said Maurice. Frankly, we can t afford it.

Schuler also had reservations about the 29-gauge walls.

I d be interested in the economic impact of going to a 24 -or 26-gauge, he said. I d also be interested in testing of the finish for hail resistance.

He noted that buildings of this type are often built for farmers. HIPC has typically insisted property owners use a heavier gauge metal for roofs and buildings.

Deubler said it was guaranteed for 40 years, but Schuler said hail damage would leave rusting spots.

This is a unique situation because of the zoning, Commissioner Frank Smith said. There s no doubt that if this were in R-1, we d deny it. But this is on a commercial lot. This structure could stand alone on this lot and be perfectly legal.

Schuler agreed but noted, Our charter gives us the ability to consider structural integrity. We don t want to be difficult, but I d like to take a week to take it under advisement.

The board voted to table issuing a permit for one week. The Deublers said they could get some more estimates on a stick-built structure.

We have a boat at home, but we can t bring it down because we have noplace to put it, said Georgia. We don t want to leave it outside.

And that s an attitude we appreciate, said Commissioner Myrna Peterson.

After the Deublers left, discussion continued when Commissioner Kevin Crosson looked up the covenants for C-1 lots. He said there were 33 permitted commercial uses, but since the adjacent lots had homes on them, I would contend this is not compatible with the immediate adjacent uses.

He also argued the sentence, The accessory buildings and structures necessary to such uses located on the same lot or parcel of land meant the garage had to be on the same lot as the house.

I would not vote for it, he said. He reminded fellow commissioners of the controversy in 2004 when HIPC permitted a 2,400-square-foot metal storage building on a separate lot in a residential-zoned neighborhood.

HIPC will hold a work session on Wednesday morning to consider the request.

At a special meeting held Sept. 19, developer Tom Dees of Holiday Island Development Corporation requested a permit to build a 6,000-square-foot commercial building next to his current offices in the Park shopping center. He told commissioners that 2,500 square feet of space was already committed to Bernina Sewing Machine company for a retail outlet with showroom, classrooms and offices.

Bernina requested to be in the building by the first of next year.

The remaining square footage will be finished out as new leases are contracted.

Permit #2128 was approved for 180 days. Contractor Ron Wooden will handle the construction.

The commission meets every Friday morning at 8:30 a.m. at its office in the Park Shopping Center at 1 Parkcliff Drive, Suite D. Permits and related requests are considered first, followed by other business.

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