Island lady golfers scramble back after rainout

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

HOLIDAY ISLAND -- Holiday Island Ladies Golf on May 10 was a rain out. But the ladies made it back the next week on May 17 for a regular scramble event.


1st place with 40- Ginny Jankowski, Sandra Larsen, Elna Sieg & Inez Egbert.

2nd place with 42- Nancy Crouse, Phyllis Williams, Jane DuMontier, & Cheryl Pierson.

3rd place with 43- Joan Ford, Judy Wellinghoff, Helen Wright, & Marilyn Kiessling.

4th place (tie) with 44- Betty Wallace, Mary Knab, Wanda Straka, & Carol Larsen; Kay Jankey, Bea King, Greta Sterghos, & Carol Fuller.


1st place with 67- Sue Dillard, Loretta Metzger, Mary Lou Smith, & Elaie Black.

2nd place with 72- Saundra DeGarimore, Jeanetta Gushwa, & Helen Petteway.

3rd place with 73- Barbara Kuhn, Jean Sylvester, Connie Woolhiser, & Peggy Blackwell

4th place winners with 75- B.J. Fowler, Eleen Onda, & Patty Edwards.


The Play of the Day for May 24 was Lowest putts.


1st Flight- Low gross, Betty Wallace- 45; Low net, Ginny Jankowski- 35; Play of the Day- Kay Janky- 17.

2nd Flight- Low gross, Joan Ford- 54; Low net, Judy Wellinghoff- 38; Play of the Day- Colleen Inman- 16.

3rd Flight- Low gross, Noelle Setrum- 54; Low net, Jane DuMontier- 34; Play of the Day- Phyllis Williams- 15.

4th Flight- Low gross, Elna Sieg- 56; Low net, Inez Egbert- 30. Play of the Day- Greta Sterghos- 18.

Low Putts- 14- Noelle Setrum & Betty Wallace.

Chip-ins- Phyllis Williams, No.1


1st Flight- Low gross, Sandra DeGarimore- 88; Low net, B J Fowler- 69; Play of the Day- Barb Kuhn- 30.

2nd Flight- Low gross, Carolyn Williams- 97; Low net, Bonnie Mapes- 74; Play of the Day- Mary Mills- 30.

3rd Flight- Low gross, Darlene Strong- 101; Low net, Helen Petteway- 74; Play of the Day (Tie)- Wanda Stuck & Debbie Cosens- 32.

4th Flight- Low gross, Eleen Onda- 108; Low net, Linda Shafer- 76; Play of the Day- Carol Redmond- 31.

Low putts- 30- Barb Kohn & Mary Mills.

Chip-ins- B.J. Fowler- No.16; Donna Putnam No. 7.

Birdies- Kathy Conklin No. 7; Bonnie Mapes No. 6.

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