Rogers edges Baker in race for county prosecutor

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

BERRYVILLE -- Tuesday's primary election decided four races in Carroll County, but the process was hampered by software and a laptop computer never showing up, resulting in hand-punching numbers from the 650 tabulator and touch-screen voting systems.

County election officials finally closed up shop around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday.

"Last night we went back to 1990, except we had Excel instead of poster board," said Kathy Ellis, election officer with the county clerk's office, Wednesday morning.

The problems, though, were apparently not as pronounced as in other counties in the state. County Clerk Shirley Doss stated that in one county, election workers closed up shop at midnight, to come back on Wednesday morning to resume counting.

The race for the Democratic nomination for prosecuting attorney, in which there is no Republican contender, narrowly went to incumbent Tony Rogers by a 53-vote margin, with 1047 votes compared to Cindy Baker's 994.

In a hard-fought race without public debate, Baker actually carried a majority of boxes, 17 of 29, but early votes were enough to swing the count to Rogers, who garnered 220 early votes to Baker's 129.

Also decided in Tuesday's primary, on the Republican ticket, was the race for Justice of the Peace District 1, which includes Beaver and Holiday Island. Incumbent Harlos L. Barnum won handily, 130 to 53, carrying his home community of Holiday Island handily 106-34. Contender Chad Hipps, of Beaver carried his hometown by one vote, 16, to Barnum's 15.

There is no Democratic candidate for Justice of the Peace District 1.

Former Holiday Island business owner Jack Deaton carried the race for Beaver Township constable, with 150 votes to David F. Henderson's 23, to decide that contest. Both are Republicans, with no Democratic candidate.

But in Cabanal Township the Democratic vote decided who will be constable, with Ralph Brown winning with 20 votes to Robert Duncan's 13.

Based on unofficial tallies as of 11 a.m. Wednesday, a statewide Democratic runoff will be held on June 13.

A crowded field of four competed for the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor, resulting in a runoff between Bill Halter, who, with 2,402 of 2,515 precincts reporting, had 104,956, and Tim Wooldrige, who garnered 69,135 votes. There is no Republican candidate

In Carroll County, Mike Hathorn dominated the field with 1,284 votes, compared to 214 for Wooldridge, 97 for Rep. Jay Martin, and 310 for Halter.

In the race for Republican candidate for lieutenant governor Senator Jim Holt carried the county with 275, compared to Chuck Banks' 105, and 89 for Doug Matayo.

Again that followed the statewide vote, with Holt winning the nod with 32,951, compared to 14,714 for Banks and 11,427 for Matayo, to face the winner of the Democratic runoff in November's general election.

A runoff is also assured in the race for the Democratic candidate for Attorney General. Statewide, unofficial results showed Dustin McDaniel with 99,223 votes, and Paul Suskie with 81,260. Robert Herzfeld lost the nod for the Democratic candidacy, with 77,238 votes.

In Carroll County, McDaniel led with 739 votes, compared to 639 for Robert Herzfeld and 404 for Paul Suskie.

Winner of the runoff will face Republican Gunner DeLay in the general election.

Carroll County Democrats followed the statewide trend in the race for the nomination for state treasurer. Martha Shoffner led the field with 742 votes, with Mac Campbell taking 668, and Don House 435. Unofficial statewide results showed Shoffner with 109,550, to Campbell's 90,249, and House with 50,802.

Shoffner will face Campbell in the June 13 runoff, with the winner facing Repubican Chris Morris in November.

In the Non-Partisan election, in which Democrats, Republicans, and Independents can vote for judicial positions, Donald L. Corbin carried the county's race for State Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 2 with 1,377 votes, to Roger Harrod's 690. That followed unofficial statewide results showing Corbin winning 182,475 to 107,499 for Harrod.

For Position 5 on the supreme court, Paul Danielson carried the county with 1,423 votes to Wendell Griffen's 660. Again, that matched the unofficial statewide results of Danielson taking 167,770 votes to Griffen's 125,184.

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