Springfield Cardinals show 'City Night' fundraiser to Green Forest Lions Club

Thursday, December 29, 2005

GREEN FOREST -- Green Forest Lions Club members met on Monday, Dec. 19, with Springfield Cardinal baseball representatives Lindsey Bast and the Voice of the Cardinals, Mike Lindskog, during the club's regular noon luncheon to hear a fundraising proposal.

Purpose of the meeting was to invite the town of Green Forest, through the Lions Club, to participate in the Cardinal's "City Night."

Curtis Matthews, a Lions Club member and baseball devotee, explained that a night is picked for a town to be recognized, with the Cardinals selling tickets to the local club.

They in turn can use the tickets for a fundraiser, with the town and attendees being recognized that night at Hammons Field.

Matthews reported that civic leaders from Berryville and Green Forest were invited to the meeting. Cathie Weir from the Berryville Rotary Club, Chris Eagleson from the Green Forest Baseball/Softball Association, and Emma Hamilton from the Berryville Community Center attended.

"The Cardinals had 35 City Nights last year, and that was half of their home games," Matthews noted. "They want more City Nights. Our Lions Club has made a deposit on 300 tickets, tentatively for Friday night, July 28.

"It has been suggested we send the Green Forest baseball and softball teams that night, and they would be introduced before the game. Parents and interested fans could also attend.

"Selling the tickets would be a fundraiser for the Lions Club, in conjunction with the Green Forest Baseball/Softball Association," Matthews said. "Long term, we are looking for a Carroll County weekend."

During the summer of 2005, the Springfield, Mo., Cardinals invited the region's cities and counties to Hammons Field as part of their inaugural season celebration.

Due to the overwhelming success of those events, they are once again welcoming their neighbors to take advantage of having a night to promote their community.

2006 "City Nights" will allow the Springfield Cardinals to recognize all the great Cardinal fans outside of Springfield, and help local clubs with a fundraiser.

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