Great Passion Play hosts Convoy of Hope

Monday, November 8, 2004
Participants in the Convoy of Hope are shown in a dressing room at The Great Passion Play.

The Great Passion Play hosted volunteers from the Convoy of Hope from Springfield, Mo., at a recent performance.

The volunteers were treated to a reception backstage after the performance, where Marvin Peterson, director of operations of The Great Passion Play, expressed appreciation to the volunteers for the outstanding contribution they make to the underprivileged.

According to Peterson, "The Convoy of Hope volunteers exemplify the best in Christian values. They give of themselves with no hope of personal reward and it was our privilege to offer them a night of entertainment with a truly hopeful message."

The Convoy of Hope is a nonprofit organization that serves in the United States and around the world, providing disaster relief, building supply lines and sponsoring outreaches to the poor and hurting in communities.

During a Convoy of Hope outreach, free groceries are distributed, job and health fairs are organized and activities for children are provided. Such an outreach was held in Springfield in September with 2,424 volunteers participating and 5,247 people receiving goods and services.

The Great Passion Play is a nonprofit organization that exists to exalt Jesus Christ as Creator and Savior by producing the highest quality of drama, art, and exhibits and to educate, inspire, and entertain the public. According to the Institute of Outdoor Drama based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, The Great Passion Play is America's most popular outdoor drama. In addition to The Great Passion Play, the New Holy Land Tour, Sacred Arts Center, Bible Museum and the Great Passion Play Buffet are located at the complex in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

The newest attraction at The Great Passion Play is Beyond Dickens, a live interactive Christmas experience.

The Great Passion Play and the Convoy of Hope are hoping to work together in the future to collect canned goods on the grounds of The Great Passion Play and are considering other ways to work together, Peterson said. "Both ministries are committed to the message of love and hope that Christ taught."

To learn more about the Convoy of Hope on the Internet, check and to see The Great Passion Play's website, check www.greatpassionplay. com.

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