Council okays dam repairs

Thursday, August 19, 2004

An ordinance approving up to $40,000 for repairs to Black Bass Lake dam was approved by the Eureka Springs City Council during a special session last Tuesday.

A leak near the base of the dam that went from "a drizzle to a pretty good flow" in a day's time was discovered by police officers as they were checking on vandalism to the pump station near the dam Friday, Aug. 6, according to Mayor Kathy Harrison.

The ordinance waives competitive bidding and outlines estimates for the repairs and contractors: Concrete Services Corporation of Tulsa, Ok., $19,500; Berryville Ready Mix $6,000; Ralph Pruente $5,000; Tapia Construction $2,000 and miscellaneous $7,500.

The money for the repairs will come from the city's capital expenditures.

Public Works Director Robert Forrest said Monday morning preparation work would have to be done on the approach road and at the foot of the dam so the large concrete trucks could get to the site.

He anticipates the concrete trucks at the end of the week.

Once the repairs are made, a chain link fence topped with razor wire will be installed around the pump house.

A fence with a gate will be installed across the road. The gate will be open during the day for public access, but closed at night in an attempt to keep out vandals.

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