Golf and recreation gripes dominate HISID meeting Monday night

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

In its quarterly evening business meeting, the Holiday Island Board of Commissioners (HISID) heard several complaints from property owners about golf rules.

During the public comment portion, Joe Martucci said he is considering not renewing his family golf membership because of some of the new rules being instituted and considered.

"I feel we don't have input into how the golf course is run," he said.

He said he had received a memo from the Holiday Island Men's Golf Association (HIMGA), on behalf of HISID, about some of the policy changes.

He was unhappy about requiring two people per golf cart (which hasn't been adopted by HISID), charging a cart fee for family members and guests (which has been adopted), golf promotions by the developer and having a starter who takes cash register receipts to show proof of payment or membership.

He said the rules are changing "too fast and furious" and called for establishing a set of rules that will stay in force for the year.

Judy Martucci said the Ladies Golf Association (HILGA) members had not received any similar notice about policy changes.

HISID Chairman Boyce Williams said the BOC has held meetings and invited the golfing community to give input, but there hadn't been much.

Property owner Dale Eis said he was told by Williams the Golf Pro, Steve Cain, "can make judgment calls as he sees fit," which Williams denied saying.

John Dolce, president of the Homeowners Association (HIHA) said the majority of the population, who are non-golfers, "have seen the commissioners purchase properties which are not income-producing or to the benefit of the property owners."

He said the recreation facilities are too small, and that at the last HIHA picnic, 36 couples had to be turned away because there was no room for them.

"The BOC needs to develop a community center," he said. "We had a plan, but it was tabled in favor of the golf course."

Other property owners complained about having a starter on the courses.

One property owner, Ken Palmour, complained about road conditions on Burkimo Lane and having received "an ugly letter" from the Roads Department about cutting down brush and throwing it into a ravine.

Nothing was resolved, but Williams did say the road condition and cul-de-sac problem on Burkimo Lane would be looked into.

In other business, HISID:

  • Heard District Manager Kevin Crosson report the financial summary year-to-date as follows: $1,119,000 in income; $1,004,000 in expenses, for a net income of $115,000. Capital expenditures are $432,000, for a net loss of $317,000. Net loss was projected to be $687,000.

  • Approved the marina lease contract with Allan and Brenda Krier. The lease will be for five years, starting in February 2005.

  • Heard Golf Course Superintendent Mark Mowrey say he will be compiling a final list of golf course improvements, with prices and timeline, based partly on responses received from the golfing community.

  • Approved the hiring this year of one additional Roads Department maintenance worker. Another one will most likely be added next year.

  • Approved a plan to accept a new ambulance from the Western Carroll County Ambulance District. The BOC understood it would retain ownership of the current ambulance and attain ownership of a new one as well (see story below).

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