Tigers, Bobcats play 7-on-7 football games

Monday, July 14, 2003

The Green Forest Tigers and Berryville Bobcats competed in the popular summer football contests known as 7-on-7 games last Monday night against other area teams in a loosely organized league.

Teams from Harrison, Mountain Home, Yellville-Summit, Huntsville, plus the Bobcats and Tigers are scheduled to play each other on Monday nights in July, starting at 6 p.m."

The teams played their first night on Monday, July 7, in Harrison, with the Bobcats playing again on Thursday in Mountain Home.

Although Berryville was set to host the next two Monday nights, that had to be changed due to work on the grass in Bobcat Stadium. Instead, the teams will play at Harrison on Monday, July 14, then possibly Green Forest on Monday, July 21, if their grass work is done.

New Bobcat head football coach and athletics director Doug Scheel said, "I thought we played real well. Steven Trulove threw the ball well, and Joseph Boley had a couple of big catches and an interception.

"Cory Smith played well at receiver and linebacker, and Corey Roberts and Jonathan Powell played well."

Green Forest coach Bill Gotto said he took 12 Tigers to the event, and that it was their inaugural trip.

"We had some linemen that worked on center snaps, Adam Wade and Will Babb, and we used a committee of players at quarterback.

"C.J. Matthews, Matt Russell, Justin Wyas, and Neal McCutcheon all took snaps, and also ran some routes. Trey Kerby, Guy Joubert, Adam Plagge, Coy Bellinger and Shawn Armentrout all ran routes, and played some defensive back and linebacker.

"We got a lot of plays in," Gotto said. "The kids seemed to enjoy it

In 7-on-7 play, there is no contact, with the players wearing helmets, cleats, shorts and T-shirts, and quarterbacks having five seconds to throw, or they are whistled for a "sack."

There is no running and no pass rushing, with the seven players made up of a center and quarterback, and five wide receivers.

The format for this competition had two teams on offense, alternating plays, with one team on defense. The offensive teams started at the 30-yard line, and had 10 plays to take it in.

Both ends of the field were used, so all six teams were working without any down time. Coaches rotated players and used two squads when possible

Berryville assistant head coach Owen Powell did say the Bobcats planned to go to one camp with pads, the North Arkansas Football Camp in Harrison on July 28 and 31.

"It's not full contact, just helmets and shoulder pads, but there is some hitting," Powell said. "Lots of former coaches and players will be there. They'll run drills, then there will be some team play after that."

Coach Gotto said he wasn't certain they would participate in that camp.

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