Bank of Eureka Springs wants art from local artisans for new site

Friday, February 14, 2003

The Bank of Eureka Springs is asking area artisans to submit works to be purchased by the bank to be featured in the new Financial Center.

"Being the only locally-owned and managed bank in Eureka Springs puts us in the unique position to support local artists and to highlight their work in our state-of-the-art Financial Center," said Charlie Cross, bank president.

"Not only will the facility be more attractive by way of these efforts, we will be able to help many talented friends and neighbors by purchasing their work and putting it on display for all to enjoy."

Diane McClelland, senior vice president, said, "It is our intention to feature the tremendous talents of local artisans inside this new facility. We are pleased to extend an invitation for artists to submit their work, if they are interested in having a featured space.

"We are not simply looking for pictures to hang on the wall, but various mediums," she said.

"We are interested in original paintings, pastels, prints and fiber arts. Also, table items such as pottery, wood, and metal sculptures are being sought.

"Many types of subject matter will be considered, including natural themes, landscapes and non-representational images.

"Large pieces that have an 'Ozarks Material' flavor, including stone, wood or brick, are also welcomed," she said.

"The bank will purchase each piece of artwork selected for its fair market value, so the artist will benefit financially as well as gaining exposure for the work."

McClelland will be working with the bank's interior design firm, which will be handling the artwork selections on behalf of the bank. For more information, contact her at (479) 253-7500 by May 15.

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