Lady Cats sweep Leopards

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Coach Sheila Neal's Lady Bobcat volleyball program got off to a fast start last Thursday night when they swept the Alpena Lady Leopards in three matches.

Berryville won the varsity match 15-4, 15-17, 15-2, 15-8, and took the junior varsity match 15-10, 13-15, 15-2. The junior high team made their debut with a 15-11, 15-13 victory to complete the sweep.

"It was hot, but there was a nice crowd, from Alpena and Berryville," Neal said. "The junior high kids had the first game jitters, but we won all three matches and played a lot of kids."


15-4, 15-17, 15-2, 15-8

"The varsity played well, with all 12 playing," Neal said. "We started Trista McGinley, Allison Carozza, Brianna Edwards, Alexis Davis, Juanita Perez, and Megan Early. They did great bump, setting, and spiking.

"Trista was setting Megan, and she got four kills. In that first game, Megan scored nine points, and Davis two."

In game two, Neal sent the second unit in, with Penny Ward, Liz Brantley, Keresa Villines, Franchesca Flores, Grace Howze, and Jerrica Allen taking over.

"They played together and had some great rallies, but they couldn't get their serves in," Neal said. "I subbed Davis in and she finished out with six serve points.

"In game three, I put the first unit back in and they won 15-2. McGinley scored nine points for us."

In the fourth game, Neal said McGinley scored 3 points, Davis 4, Carozza 1, Perez 4, and Edwards 2.

"Penny Ward hustled hard and did a good job after coming back from injuries last year," Neal said.


15-10, 13-15, 15-2

"We got 19 players in during the three games," Coach Neal said about a substituting pattern that gave everyone some experience.

"Liz Brantley did a good job at backup setter, and Joanna Vickers scored eight points in the first game and had good sets."

In game two, Neal said Brantley had 3 points, Jessica Gregory 3, Stephanie Millard 1, and Amanda Johnson 2.

"Courtney Williams did a good job in the second and third games, and Jerrica Allen had five points," Neal said. "The kids did a good job with all the rotating in. Krista Simkins served out the third game with four straight points."


15-11, 15-13

"They had the first game jitters and didn't serve well, but they bumped the ball well," Neal said about her young squad, then added, "We got 20 kids in during the two games."

In game one, Neal said Katie Tennant scored 1 point, Mahalie Armstrong 10, and Heather Eaves 4. In game two, Charity Edwards scored 1 point, Jessica Swofford 2, Kendra Plummer 3, Emily Ray 4, Emily Kesler 4, and Rachel Worsham 1.

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