Tigers advance at district, Highlanders end season

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

The 1AAA District Baseball Tournament tried to get off the ground last Friday, but rains stopped play after just one game was completed.

The Prairie Grove Tigers beat the Lincoln Wolves on Friday, then Green Forest's game with Farmington was rained out after 1-1/3 innings.

The two teams came back Saturday and resumed play at noon, with the Tigers winning 10-0 in five innings. It was reported to be Green Forest's first district win since the Coach Hester era.

Also on Saturday, the Gravette Lions beat the Huntsville Eagles 18-6, and the Gentry Pioneers beat Eureka Springs 18-2.

Friday's games were moved to Saturday because of the rain, so Saturday's games were moved to Monday. The Berryville Bobcats won the east division of the league, so originally had a bye until Monday.

They were scheduled to play Tuesday, but rain is in the forecast again. If Tuesday's games are rained out, Berryville would advance to the regional tournament as the No. 1 seed, due to their winning the conference title, and West Fork would advance as the No. 2 seed.

The other two teams likely to advance if play is rained out, are Prairie Grove and Gentry.



Tiger Roy Campbell was the man on the mound Saturday, keeping the Cardinals scoreless while pitching a 2-hitter.

FN- 0R-2H-2E

GF- 10R-7H-0E

Campbell faced 18 batters in 5 innings, had 6 strikeouts, and gave up just 3 walks and 2 hits while the defense was playing error-free ball.

"It's the third game in a row without an error," Coach Tony Coffey said. "Roy was throwing great and shut them out. When the pitcher is throwing strikes, everybody is into the scene.

"He had them on their front foot all day with his fastball, curve, and knuckleball. They never knew what was coming. There were a lot of pop-ups."

FN- 0-0-0-0-0

GF- 0-1-4-2-3

Coach Coffey said that Jonathan Bryant made a good defensive play at third base in the fifth inning when he grabbed a hot shot down the line, then threw the batter out.



Coach Don Martin reported that the Highlanders were trailing just 4-0 in the third inning when the Pioneers busted loose with 11 more runs. Eureka got their two runs in the fifth inning.

"Chris Williams and Brian Abendroth both got on base, then Trae Thompson connected for a double that rolled all the way to the fence, scoring Williams and Abendroth," Martin said. "Trae wound up on third."

The team needed those runs, as Gentry led 18-0 going into that fifth inning.

"It was our fifth game in six days," Martin said about the team's schedule of make-up games last week. "We were tired and just barely had enough to play."

Russell Williams pitched into the third inning, then Nick Eiler came in for an inning, with Scott Kelley pitching the fourth.

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