Scott Loftis

From the Editor

Scott Loftis is managing editor for Carroll County Newspapers. His email address is CarrollCountyNews@cox-internet.com


Looking back and forward

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

As 2021ís final days wind down, itís a good time to reflect on whatís happened over the past year and to look forward to 2022.

Itís no secret that 2021 has been a difficult year in many respects. The specter of COVID-19 that arrived in early 2020 is still around, as are the same tired political arguments over the virus and how best to fight it. But 2021 also brought vaccines for those of us who chose to get them. Life seemed almost normal a lot of the time, even if the Omicron variant threatens to change that in the near future.

From a personal perspective, 2021 was a year of great change for me. After more than seven years as managing editor for Carroll County Newspapers, I became general manager in October. I enjoy my new role but there is also much for me to learn. There are a lot of moving parts involved in producing a newspaper and the other publications we are responsible for here, and many of them are new to me. I was a bit sheltered, I suppose, spending my career entirely in the newsroom and mostly at larger papers. As editor AND general manager, Iím responsible now not only for the editorial content of our publications, but also advertising, circulation and every other aspect of our operation. In the past three months, Iíve had a couple of career firsts: I sold my first ad and I stuffed inserts for the first time. (At least one person chuckled to learn that it was my first time stuffing inserts; I told you I had been sheltered!) Iím so blessed and grateful that we have a wonderful staff of folks whoíve been patient and helpful while I figure out what the heck Iím doing.

An even bigger change came in November, when I married my sweetheart Lisa. I had been happily single for many years and never expected to be married again. But I also never expected to meet someone as kind and loving as Lisa, and Iím so glad I did. She has changed my life in a wonderful way and I hope we have many years together.

As I look toward 2022, I have a lot of goals for myself and for our newspapers. I look forward to getting more comfortable in my new role and to continuing to keep the people of Carroll County informed about whatís going on in their community. Thatís the real objective behind all of the moving parts here, and itís my commitment to maintain the quality of our publications.

But I also look forward to some down time with my bride. Maybe weíll take another trip to Florida or go back to Wrigley Field this summer. No matter where we are, I know Iíll enjoy it.

As we close out 2021, Iíd like to say thank you to all of those who read this column and who support our publications, whether you be an advertiser or a subscriber or even a critic. I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year!