Letter to the Editor

Correcting the message

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

I’m writing this note as a concerned father and citizen to correct the message that was sent by the vandals at the Christ of the Ozarks statue last week.  We all know that the message should have been “God Bless Life” or “Thank You God For Our Lives!” 

Every day, every minute, we benefit from the blessings God gives each of us by being able to take a breath of air, smell the flowers, kiss our babies, hug our family. We all know that babies are a gift from God, even when it may be a trying time in someone’s life. 

Every one of us have been touched by the smile or hug from a child who needs the love, nurturing, and support of their mother and dad. 

With all of the silly ideas being promoted lately, I guess I wanted to help remind you of the good pro-life people who are around to help those who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy or a crisis family situation.

Have you met the people at The Cradle?  Kathleen Blossom is a loving mother and grandmother who has helped multiple women and babies here in Carroll County when they needed it the most.

Located on Hailey Road, The Cradle is open to help new mothers and dads understand what a gift they are being given in the form of their new baby. 

Lots of information is available to assist families as well as the thrift store items to help with day-to-day items needed to raise your children. What a gift this place is to those who need their help! Volunteers are welcome to help for sure! 

You can call 423-6811 to ask how you can be part of this help for those in real need.

You never have to look too far to see other people who are working to save and preserve life. 

Foster parents are such a blessing, giving help and hope to children in need at a really tough time in a child’s life.  What a calling from God this is to help children like this! So many people say that this would be too tough for them. This has to be some of the most pro-life work we can see around — giving children some semblance of what home and family is supposed to be for them in spite of the chaos in their family that is not the fault of the child.  Many of these kids may be adopted by their foster parents, but many more need to be. Thank God for adoption putting families together to help each other!

Mothers and Dads are working every day to help their kids, and to do this, parents are asked to sacrifice their wants and needs to benefit their children.  It’s been taking place for centuries, moms and dads growing up and doing such good for their kids by doing simple things like making breakfast, washing clothes, mopping the floor, or going to work to support their family.  In all of these things, parents show children to think of others and the benefit of doing something for someone else. We all know that we benefit personally when we do things for others. Family is the best place to be taught lessons like this!

We see this, too, with strong Dads who know and accept their duty to father and raise their children. It’s obvious that there would be lots less crisis pregnancies if dads would take care of their wives and babies. God bless all dads who work hard to support their wives and help their children, even when they have to do things that they don’t want to do!  We all learn that this is one of the good lessons of life, again doing something for someone else, that we end up benefiting from ourselves. The world needs lots of good Dads to help their children grow up to be responsible citizens. 

Prayer Warriors are never far away, praying for babies, mothers, and dads who are in crisis pregnancies and tough family situations. What a powerful witness these people are who never tire of asking God to help those in need… and then many times being the people to go help when they hear of a family in need.

God Bless the unborn! God Bless the babies! God Bless Mothers and Dads!  God, please forgive us for the aborted babies we did not help! Jesus Christ, please bless all those working to help the least of your kingdom … the babies you love so much!

— Gregg Luebbering