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Samantha Jones is associate editor for Carroll County Newspapers. Her email address is Citizen.Editor.Eureka@gmail.com.


Obsessed with H2O

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Sometime late last year, I resolved to drink more water. A lot more water. Enough water to guarantee at least 10 bathroom breaks a day.

Why? Well, my best friend bought a giant water bottle and said the average person should drink that much water in a day. And I realized that I had maybe one or two dedicated glasses of water a day ó the rest was tea or coffee. I wondered if Iíd feel better with significantly more water in my system, so I gave it a go.

The first few weeks were tough. I had to get into a whole new schedule: Wake up, fill up water bottle, get ready for work, take water bottle, chug half on the way in and finish the other half before my first cup of coffee. Some mornings, I forgot altogether. But like anything you do on a regular basis, staying hydrated quickly became a habit.

To my delight, I did start to feel better. I had less headaches and woke up wicked fast. Thatís what I had hoped would happen, but there were some side effects I didnít quite anticipate. Obviously, I had to go to the bathroom a lot more. But I didnít expect quite how much.

I remember running to the bathroom before my annual doctorís exam and then taking one more bathroom break before I left. The nurse asked if I had a bladder infection. She gave me a few other diagnoses before I told her I wasnít sick or coming down with anything. No, I told her, I was just drinking a lot of water. Yes, it was by choice. By the end of that conversation, I took another bathroom break for good measure.

The craziest side effect is one I had not expected at all. Somehow along the way, I have started to crave water. I donít want soda. I donít want a vanilla latte. I donít even want a mango banana smoothie, even though itís probably my favorite smoothie of all time. Most days, I wake up and chug 32 ounces of water just because it tastes so good.

ďBut water doesnít have a taste,Ē you might be saying right now. Drink a lot of water, and youíll find that water does have a taste ó and some water tastes much better than others. I have come to prefer tap water to any of the bottled water brands. Actually, I canít remember the last time I drank bottled water when tap water was available and I had my water bottle with me.

Thatís pretty much all the time, because I am always carrying that water bottle. If you donít see it in my hand, itís in my bag or at my desk. For months, I used the same purple water bottle. It was so big I couldnít fit it in the first two cup holders in my car ó I had to stuff it into the big boy cup holder, made for giant sodas and the like.

But a few weeks ago, something horrible happened. Gideon and I visited our friend Stephanie in Pea Ridge. I remember stuffing my water bottle into the only cup holder that would keep it. Everything after that is foggy. We went to Samís Club, Sushi House and 7Brew. Somewhere along the way, I lost my water bottle.

Sometimes, you lose things and it takes a while to realize it. This wasnít one of those times. Immediately when we got home, I tore apart my car and then the top floor of our house looking for that water bottle. Gideon suggested that I had left it at Stephanieís but she couldnít find it either. I accepted it was gone and ordered a new one online.

Youíd think I could make it two days without a water bottle, but I definitely made the worst of it. Every time I found a suitable water container, the cats would knock it over. Gideon offered his giant gas station cups. I declined. It just wasnít the same, I said.

Then, finally, the new water bottle arrived. I filled it up immediately and promised never to lose it. It was unmoved, definitely more stoic than my last water bottle. We are still getting used to each other, but Iíd say itís going well.

Hereís to staying hydrated and forming a codependent relationship with your water bottle ó nothing ever felt so good, except maybe going to the bathroom every five minutes.