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Fatherís Day memory

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

My social media presence consists almost entirely of Facebook, and one of the things I enjoy is seeing memories from previous years. Itís fun to see how my family has grown and changed over the years.

A memory that popped up over the weekend gave me an especially good chuckle. It was from the day before Fatherís Day six years ago. My youngest son, Ryan, who hadnít yet moved to Berryville, called and asked if I wanted to have lunch for Fatherís Day. That made me very happy and I posted something about it on Facebook ó while pointing out that Ryanís older brother Ronnie might need to raise his game in order to keep up.

The next day, I met Ryan in a parking lot in Harrison ó he was living in northeast Arkansas at the time ó and asked him where heíd like to eat.

ďI donít know,Ē he responded. ďWhatís our budget?Ē

As it turned out, my son had invited me to buy him lunch on Fatherís Day. I teased him about that at the time, and I still tease him about it today. But he had just graduated high school, still hadnít had his 18th birthday and was less than a month from leaving for Marine Corps boot camp. I didnít mind getting the check and we had a nice meal at a Mexican restaurant.

A lot has changed since that day six years ago. Both Ronnie and Ryan are married now, and I have two grandsons. When my phone rang Sunday morning, it showed my daughter-in-law Christiís name. When I answered, however, it was 5-year-old Liam on the other end of the line, calling to wish me a happy Fatherís Day. I was just drinking my first cup of coffee and my day was already made.

Iíve often said that if I could have imagined the kind of sons I wanted to have, my imagination would have fallen short of reality. My sons, and my grandsons, make me prouder than I ever could have imagined.

Not long after I spoke with Liam and Christi, Ryan texted to wish me a Happy Fatherís Day and invite me to lunch tomorrow (Monday) with him and his wife, Harlie.

Monday is a busy day for me, but itís not so busy that I canít get away and spend an hour with my family.

And hopefully this time Ryan will pick up the check.