‘Carroll County Keepsakes’ now available

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Carroll County News readers have a new way to hang on to memories from the newspaper.

The newspaper is now offering “Carroll County Keepsakes” — a high-quality PDF copy of any page from the Carroll County News. Pages are available from every issue of the newspaper dating back to July 31, 2012. An added bonus is that the pages are available in full color, even if they originally were published in black and white.

“We think people will love this opportunity,” said CCN managing editor Scott Loftis. “The PDF files are usually much sharper and clearer than the actual newspaper and they look especially good in color, which we can’t always print in the paper because of limitations with the press. What a great way to commemorate special events like graduations, anniversaries or any milestone that has been covered in the newspapers. They would make a great gift.”

Readers who are interested in purchasing Carroll County Keepsakes can call 870-423-6636 or email Loftis at CarrollCountyNews@cox-internet.com.

“It will help us if you know the date of the page you’d like to purchase,” Loftis said. “But even if you can just give us a rough idea, we should be able to find it in our archives and produce it for you.”

The PDF files will be high-quality files that the purchaser can print and frame, share online or even keep in an old-fashioned scrapbook. The files are $15 each and will be delivered by email. Pages from the Lovely County Citizen are also available.

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