Letter to the Editor

Pray for America

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

This is being written with great urgency to answer the call of God to gather the people of our Eureka Springs to come together in unity as Americans who love their country and the freedoms that we each enjoy. We do not judge your choices that you have made for your life because it is one of your God-given freedoms. But we appeal to you only as American citizens. We remember a nation of love , undivided, a strong world leader, peace, freedom of speech, freedom to make my choices rather than the government leaders making them for me. We came together during the time of war and were a united people. We must rise to that once again! We are the last place of hope to where people can flee to. If we donít take our stand together for freedom our lives will be come controlled by our leadership who are set on destroying the America which we once had. We will all be effected by this great loss. It will not matter, your race, wealth, gender, religion, or your belief in God! All of this will come to an end and many will lose their life.

God told us to call together the leaders of the Church of Eureka Springs, which is the unity of all the believers of Eureka Springs. Four of us have remained faithful now for several months praying for the saving of America. The second part of that call was the gathering of all the people now to join us in unity and come and pray for our leaders of our nation, the leaders of our town, the leaders of our Churches, to repent of our sins and give our trust over to Godís leadership.

We meet each Thursday morning 8 to 9. Starting in June we will be meeting under a big tree on the first parking place at the Passion Play Grounds. When it is cold or raining we meet at the Christian Church on Passion Play Road.

The Bible calls the Watchmen on the wall to continue to warn the people of the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and the terrible Day of the Lordís wrath; the impending judgment coming upon the earth. The choice is yours to make. You set your destiny.


ó The Corporate Prayer Group