Schneider volunteers to join Eureka Springs Cemetery Commission

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

By Scott Loftis

Outgoing Eureka Springs City Council member Mickey Schneider has volunteered to join the city’s cemetery commission, chair Susan Tharp announced at the commission’s meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 9.

Schneider, who attended the commission meeting, did not seek re-election to the city council in November after serving for 12 years. Her final day in office will be Dec. 31.

Mayor Butch Berry would have to appoint Schneider to the commission and the appointment would have to be confirmed by the city council.

Commissioner Judy Holden said the commission had $21,307.96 in an account at Cornerstone Bank. That amount includes $2,345 in donations received in 2020 and $2,485 received from the city on Dec. 8. The city had initially reduced its annual $7,100 allocation to the cemetery commission as part of overall budget cuts but the Dec. 8 payment restored the full allocation, Holden said.

“So to date, we are up to date with the city on our yearly request of $7,100,” Holden said.

The commission unanimously approved a motion to check into prices for modifying the cemetery’s flagpoles, perhaps using a hinge mechanism, so that they can be maintained without the need for using a contractor or bucket truck. A motion to request bids for prepping and painting the cemetery’s fountain also received unanimous approval.

Tharp said the commission will need to elect officers and approve a budget for 2021 at its next meeting, scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 13. Weather permitting, that meeting may include a workshop at the cemetery.

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