Berryville student wins 2nd place in magazine competition

Tuesday, November 17, 2020
Berryville High School senior Kaylin Rains was featured recently in Inspiring Teens Magazine.
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By Haley Schichtl

Berryville High School senior Kaylin Rains won second place in a competition to be featured in Inspiring Teens Magazine.

Rains received a $500 scholarship, an eight-page spread and her photo on the back cover of issue 37 of the magazine, which was released Oct. 31.

Rains was featured because of her TikTok account, RainsSisters, that she and her sister Trinity started when they first went into quarantine. Kaylin said they did it both to curb the boredom and to spread positivity during a difficult time.

Rains was nominated by her former teacher Sierra Sugg, who said she nominated Rains because of the unique quality of her presence on the platform.

“On a platform filled with profane music, lewd dancing, and other harmful behaviors, she’s chosen to ignore what the world has told her she should post and instead be a light,” Sugg wrote in her nomination.

Rains said the interview for the magazine was done through email and over Zoom calls. She said the hardest part of getting featured in the magazine was getting people at her school and her TikTok followers to vote for her.

“When you get accepted into the program, you have to fundraise,” Rains said. “It costs $5 to vote, so I had to get my name out there.”

Rains said she received a little more 600 votes total.

“I know she likes shining her light onto other people,” Trinity Rains said. “There are many people who don’t agree with her faith and beliefs. She has even been bullied and cyber-bullied over them. However, she keeps her head high and continues to stick to what she thinks is right.”

Kaylin Rains said that after she graduates, she wants to go to barber school somewhere in Arkansas, then come back to Carroll County to start her career.

“We only have two Carroll County barbers,” Rains said. “We need more. I think it would be fun to open my own business. I’d like to open a retro sports-style barber shop.”

Rains said her sister has sort of grown out of using the app, but she has kept the same account and continued to post her own content.

“I was really honored and appreciative that people of Carroll County voted for me,” Rains said.

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