Letter to the Editor

Support Suzie Bell

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

I have had the blessing of serving as Suzie Bellís pastor for the last five years. She is an individual of great faith, courage and strength. She has led church mission trips to disaster sites around this state and nation to bring help to our neighbors in need. She, along with her husband, Dan, created the ECHO Clinic to provide free healthcare to our most vulnerable members of our community and recently started building ECHO Village to provide low-income housing.

She is a force of nature, with the faith to move mountains, and as our mission coordinator she has led us to do the impossible by coming to the aid of those who are hurting. Her faith is inspiring and she is one I lean on for wisdom and understanding.

As a former Navy Chaplain, who spent a significant time with Marines, I can say Suzie Bell is a leader with grit and determination, knowing how to accomplish the mission. I would follow her into any action. She is not a politician but someone who deeply cares about community values and needs. She would make an excellent representative for our district, working to solve the problems we face in our communities. She will place people over politics, something we need more of in this country.

Sincerely yours,

Blake Lasater