Letter to the Editor

Time, patience and perseverance pay off

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

We received a beautiful German Shepherd at the police department the latter part of September. The dog seemed very vicious towards everyone. I worked to calm the animal down to no avail, but continued trying, even several dispatchers tried also.

Knowing what I would have to do if I didnít succeed, we kept trying. I contacted GSHS and they said they were ready to help in any way possible. On Oct. 18, I thought we had succeeded and I stepped in the pen and the animal had changed and I knew it had worked. I called GSHS and Melissa Greene and they were there immediately. All credit for saving this dog goes to Cole Wakefield, Melissa Greene and the employees of GSHS. Myself and the ESPD gives many thanks to the great citizens in our city.

Thank you so very much,

Jim Evans

Animal Control Officer

Eureka Springs