Letter to the Editor

HDC: My history of Eureka Springs

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

I grew up in downtown Eureka goofing around in old buildings. In the 1980s, my parents restored historic properties including three buildings on N. Main. So most days, I got off the school bus and played on job sites. Itís hard to overstate the effect this upbringing had on me. Today itís continued through my husbandís artisan renovations for this community. For us, historic preservation of Eureka Springs is a sacred duty requiring sacrifice ó a labor of love. The HDC sets out the code by which we live, and I am grateful for the community members who have served. I know that, if not for the constraints of the HDC, my father would have changed the picturesque downtown so many of you fell in love with before you moved here, all because of bottom line decisions. Self-interest is inherent in business; community regulation puts a check on that impulse.

Eureka has a unique and vulnerable economy that depends on working as a community to ensure its success. The trend toward self-interest is divisive on a national level. Letís be grateful we have institutions in our community to protect the common good! The HDC represents our stewardship for future generations, and it requires sacrifices from each of us to maintain the authenticity that is our most valuable asset. The term ďexistential threatĒ may get overused these days ó this is not one of those times. Whatís going on here threatens to destroy us.

Please vote not to abolish the HDC.

ó Leslie Leggett