Conservation district looks into bulk purchase of hog traps

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

By Haley Schichtl

With feral hogs becoming an issue in Carroll County, the Conservation District is looking into purchasing hog traps in bulk from Boss Hawg Hog Traps if at least 10 community members are willing to purchase one.

District conservationist Kristin Whittmore said wild hogs are a destructive, intelligent and invasive species, and farmers should be concerned about them.

“We have some issues in the south part of the county,” Whittmore said. “They run up the fields. If there’s a smooth pasture, and they run through overnight, it’ll be all rutted up. They just tear it up, and then it’s hard to get it back in production and smooth like it was before.”

Whittmore said the hogs can also multiply quickly, so when a hog is caught, it should be killed. Sows can have up to two litters per year, and each litter can have up to 12 piglets.

“If we don’t get a handle on them, it can get pretty bad pretty quick,” Whittmore said.

Overpopulation of hogs can cause a number of issues, according to the National Resources Conservation Service, such as soil erosion, water quality degradation and wildlife habitat degradation. They have been known to hunt smaller animals nearly to extinction and can spread diseases.

Whittmore said land near the river is probably more susceptible to being harmed by feral hogs since it has softer ground and is near water for them to drink.

It is legal to hunt wild pigs all year, but they are dangerous.

“If we can get 10 or more people, then those traps will only cost about $400 apiece,” Whittmore said. “There’s lots of brands and options available for hog trapping. We really need to think about doing some trapping, because if we don’t, they’ll become more of an issue in Carroll County.”

Call the Conservation District Office at 870-423-2638, extension 3, by Sept. 18, to order one. To learn more about the traps the Conservation District is purchasing, visit

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