Community Foundation presents first Proactive Board Grant

Tuesday, July 28, 2020
The Carroll County Community Foundation presents its first Proactive Board Grant to the Eureka Springs Community Center’s Youth Room project. Pictured from left to right are community center activities director Cat Luna, community center board members Debbie Davis and Jean Elderwind and community foundation representatives Sue Hopkins, Janell Robertson and Lona Noonan.
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The Carroll County Community Foundation, your local branch affiliate of the Arkansas Community Foundation, has presented its first Proactive Board Grant to the Eureka Springs Community Center’s Youth Room project.

According to the Eureka Springs Community Center board, the creation of a safe, supervised space for Eureka Springs youth to hang out, access computers, play games, do homework, attend programs and have a snack would take the community center to the next level. This space would equally support Eureka youth and their parents. Once a youth space is secured and open for business, it will be a launching pad to create further programming and offerings.

Janell Robertson, executive director of the Carroll County Community Foundation, said board members took a hard look at the county’s Aspire Arkansas data when considering how to award the grant.

“With this grant, we observed that in Carroll County, 21 percent of children are living in poverty, student drug use is at 19 percent and obesity rates of children and youth are at 41 percent,” Robertson said.

The full, free report can be found at, and Robertson said it serves as both a yardstick to measure where the state and counties are and a compass to help educate the community on local need.

Proactive Board Grants provide the Carroll County Community Foundation board members the opportunity to address Aspire Arkansas related immediate needs beyond the two grant cycles offered in the spring and fall each year. Board members, made up of local community leaders, include Donnie Anderson, Fred Eilskov, Gina Gregson, Donna Hill, Sue Hopkins, Mavis Lehr, Lona Noonan, Kevin Robertson, Jeff Sugg and Suzanne Villines.

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