Connect 4 grads begin their careers

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

By Haley Schichtl

Several of the high school seniors who recently completed the Connect 4 industrial education program have gotten jobs with the help of the program.

C4 is a joint program for high school students from Berryville, Eureka Springs and Green Forest. A “signing day” had been planned to honor the program’s graduates who were directly placed in jobs but it was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

C4 graduate Haydon Williams said he is now employed at Fultz Electrical & Excavation.

“C4 was a really big help in deciding my future plans and what I wanted my career in,” Williams said. “(C4 director) James Knight did a great job in helping me and bringing people in to teach the finer points of the electrical trade.”

Williams said he plans on attending night classes at C4 to get his electrical master’s degree.

Jovanny Salazar is now working in maintenance for Tyson Foods in Green Forest.

“Tyson donated some machines to C4 and James put me on this machine so I can get to knowing about them,” Salazar said. “I started [work] in January and ... so far it’s been a great experience.”

Colton Record went to work in May at Nighthawk Custom Firearms in Berryville.

“I love it. I hope to be there for a long time,” Record said. “Kelton Davidson, another C4 senior, started at Island Airco in Holiday Island. We both got these jobs through C4.”

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