Letter to the Editor

Organizations deserve thanks

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

We have learned so much in these past few months about our community.

With early trauma in March and a full shutdown in April, I was proud that our business community rallied together and supported one another.

What has followed is interesting and uplifting.†Specifically, when most were called back into this hyper difficult environment to re-open and operate their business the leaders of our established tourism infrastructure continued their efforts to move Eureka Springs interests to the forefront.

This was most evident on this weekís Community Zoom call and deserves recognition.Therefore, please join me in sending appreciation to and for:

CAPC staff: Calendar Development, Social Media, Marketing & Promotion;

Chamber: Visitor Services & Guest Communication;

Main Street: Business Resources, Communication and Leadership for the Core District

Attractions: Re-opening Things To Do

These organizations have worked tirelessly over the past 100 days to keep Eureka Springs at the forefront of tourism. People donít just come to the destination and taxes donít just get deposited in city coffers to fund police, fire and parks.†It takes creative energy, collaborations of partners, persistence to seek responsible implementations, research and communication and long hours coupled that come with both support and challenge.

Thank you to the professionals who support the tourism industry.† As we carefully and responsibly move into the fall, your efforts are being rewarded and our city deserves your praise.

ó Jack V Moyer

Executive Vice President

1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa

1905 Basin Park Hotel