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From the Editor

Scott Loftis is managing editor for Carroll County Newspapers. His email address is CarrollCountyNews@cox-internet.com


Sacrifices great and small

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

All of us, I suppose, are making some sacrifices in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. For some of us, those sacrifices are major and potentially life-changing: jobs are lost, businesses are closed, essential workers risk potential exposure to the virus.

Iím absolutely aware of all those circumstances, and my heat goes out to the folks who are affected by them.

By those standards, Iím fortunate. I still have my job, my finances havenít been affected and Iíve been able to adjust to the routine of going to work (the crew in the office is small and spread out) and going home.

Fortunately, Iím a decent cook for an old bachelor and Iíve been able to subsist on my limited repertoire of spaghetti, chili, steak and burgers. I also whip up a fairly decent batch of chicken nuggets, if I do say so myself.

I havenít seen my barber in what seems like an eternity. I finally broke down and cut my own hair Sunday afternoon ó which is to say that I donít have any hair now. I tried to ďtrimĒ it using a beard trimmer since I donít own any actual hair clippers. But it didnít take more than a minute or two before I got frustrated, removed the guard and let her rip. I should be good for a couple of months now.

Of course, isolating myself at home would be much easier if there were actual sporting events being played. A good Cubs game is a great way to kill three hours of alone time. But thereís no baseball now. No basketball or golf or tennis or even bowling to watch. Instead, I think Iíve seen everything on Netflix.

What I miss the most, though, isnít eating lunch at one of our local restaurants, or getting my hair cut by an actual professional, or even a good baseball game. Itís my family.

I havenít seen my oldest son, Ronnie, and his wife and kids since the last weekend in January. That feels like an eternity, and FaceTime calls with my grandsons Hayden and Liam are no substitute for actual time together.

Tuesday, April 28, is Haydenís 11th birthday. Under normal circumstances, he likely would have had a birthday party this coming weekend. But not this year.

Liam, whoís 4, would have played his first tee-ball games this spring. I was looking forward to watching him play, just as I was eager for Haydenís baseball games.

At some point soon, hopefully, Iíll get to see those young men and make up for lost time. Until then, Iíll try to keep my perspective, understand that there is a reason for all of this and appreciate my blessings. Now, I guess Iíll see whatís new on Netflix.