Letter to the Editor

ECHO Update

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

This is not a time to be fearful. It is a time to be smart and informed. So I want to tell the public what Eureka Christian Health Outreach, Inc. (ECHO) is doing during this unusual time.

As we have always done in the past, ECHO is stepping up to make sure our patients who are uninsured are cared for. Because of the request to limit congregation of persons, the regular clinic sessions will be closed. However, for patients who need their continued medication we are providing that. We are making exceptions to those whose patient certification has expired and will continue to make sure their needs are met. If there is a medical emergency, we can make provisions to see that person at the clinic.

For those persons who are homeless or experiencing problems finding housing, ECHO has partnered with HARK, Continuum of Care of Northwest Arkansas, and Northwest Regional Housing Authority to help house persons.

I have asked the state for $250,000 in newly available emergency funds to build a group shelter for the homeless and most vulnerable. I am working with Mayor Tim McKinney in Berryville to collaborate for a county response.

This is a time to be forward thinking as to how our community can get through this crisis. Additional emergency funds are being made available through grants.

This is an area I have continued to work in for many years and now is the time to help each and every one of our neighbors. We are stronger together when we are united.

— Suzie Bell

ECHO co-founder