Letter to the Editor

Issues with Sonic plans

Friday, February 28, 2020

On Feb. 11, the Eureka Springs Planning Commission approved plans for a Sonic at the corner of 62 & 23 South. This was done without the required legal advertising and posting on the property. This was also done without the Commission considering all the provisions of City Code that the proposed plans violated (at least 13). They didnít consider the effect on the residents and businesses on Jordan Drive, the street that runs between the old Ozark Village Restaurant and the Quality Inn, which the Sonic has essentially appropriated as part of its parking lot. Of even more importance to the residents and tourists in Eureka Springs, they didnít consider the danger (not to mention the inconvenience) to all persons who use the intersection of 62 and 23 South.

The proposed plans have the main entrance and exit of the Sonic through Jordan Drive, with a secondary exit in the lane where 62 going East merges into 23 South. Imagine if you will, the effect on the traffic at the intersection of 62 and 23 South after school lets out and during the Spring Fling, BBB, the automobile weekends, the Diversity weekends, and War Eagle weekend, when cars will be turning left on 62 right across the lane where 62 merges into 23 South, when cars will be coming out of that point to turn right onto 62 going East, confusing cars turning right off 23 South onto 62 going East, when cars will be exiting into the lane where 62 merges into 23 South and are yielding to cars going West on 62 and turning onto 23 South, and so on. What a mess!

Thankfully, the approval was contingent upon the consent of Public Works and ARDOT, who at the time of this writing have not yet weighed in. Please contact Mayor Butch Berry at 253-9703 or mayor@eurekaspringsar.gov (or his assistant Kim Stryker at 253-9702 or kim.stryker@eurekaspringsar.gov) and Dwayne Allen of Public Works at 253-9600 or dallen@cityofeurekasprings.org to let them know what a BAD idea this is.

Maybe the time has come to discuss a roundabout at that intersection.

ó Kristi Kendrick