Rockin’ Pig owner excited about Pine Mountain project

Friday, January 24, 2020

By Samantha Jones

Pine Mountain Village will soon be known as Pine Mountain, a planned $10 million resort in the heart of Eureka Springs.

Marshall Johnson, who runs Rockin’ Pig Saloon near the Pine Mountain property, said he and his family are excited to expand Pig Trail Harley Davidson’s presence in town. According to a press release, the resort will incorporate two farm-to-table restaurants, a fast-casual cafe, 15-plus cabins, boutique shopping, a 200-person event center, outdoor event space and a mountain adventure center.

\The resort will create more than 100 hospitality jobs in Eureka Springs, Johnson said, and will be open year-round. Johnson said his family has run businesses in the area for 10 years now.

“Some of the entities might be scaled back depending on what’s going on, but our goal is to drive as much traffic here year-round as possible,” he said. “We’ve always been year-round in Eureka Springs.”

He continued: “We’ve always been open seven days a week. Our business has continued to grow in the winter, and we feel it’s important to draw tourism year-round to this area.”

Johnson said his family sees an opportunity to embrace new and existing tourism at the resort.

“The mountain biking investments taking place with Leatherwood and the Great Passion Play is a huge movement, so we’ve incorporated that into our tourism base,” Johnson said.

The best part of the resort, Johnson said, is how multifaceted it will be.

“The customer base is not just mountain biking or motorcyclists,” Johnson said. “It’s going to be multi-use for hikers, bikers, foodies and everyone in between.”

Johnson said he’s looking forward to the culinary aspect of the resort. The resort will include an all-day coffee house, Johnson said, that will serve gelato, coffee and more.

“I’ve always wanted to grow and expand my culinary horizons,” Johnson said, “and we’re building a culinary destination.”

The resort has been a long time coming, Johnson said.

“This has taken us years,” he said. “We bought the property five years ago and it’s taken us that long to develop a plan and get ready for this, but now we’re excited and committed.”

The resort should be complete by the end of the year, Johnson said.

“We’re excited to get the project going,” Johnson said. “The goal is by the end of fall 2020, it’ll all be done. We love Eureka Springs and we’re committed to investing and trying to help drive a lot more tourism here.”

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