The Gift of Kindness: BV third-graders choose donation over gift exchange

Tuesday, January 14, 2020
Third-graders Easton Anderson, Jeremy Cash, Alina DeLeon, Noah Griesenauer, Yesica Hernandez, Isaac Harrison, Connie McCarty, Adasyn Parton, Ryleigh Walker, Gabriella Kania, Julia Villatoro, Kason Mulhollland, Erin Mitchell, Easton Anderson show the money they raised for Bright Futures.
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By Haley Schichtl

Berryville third-grade teacher Auston Crow had his students do something different for their Christmas party last month.

“Usually every year, my kids do a gift exchange, and I tell them not to spend more than $5 on a gift,” Crow said. “Before we did that, I gave them the option to donate — it wasn’t mandatory — about $5 instead.”

Crow said he talked to his class about the importance of giving and told them they could donate to Bright Futures if they wanted to do so instead of participating in a gift exchange. The majority of Crow’s students chose to donate.

Bright Futures is a nonprofit organization that takes donations from community members to help local students in need. Whether it’s a new pair of shoes, a coat, food or school supplies, Bright Futures strives to provide for those students so they are able to focus on their education rather than their basic needs.

“They were all super excited to get to help somebody for Christmas,” Crow said. “Some of them gave more than $5.”

In total, the class raised more than $60, which they designated to go toward food and security.

“It was pretty special that the kids made that decision because they know the needs of their classmates,” Bright Futures coordinator Mindy Hicks said. “It’s a sweet moment when they want to be that generous.”

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