New high school to welcome Berryville students Tuesday

Friday, January 10, 2020
The brand-new Berryville High School building will be open for students on Tuesday when they return from their Christmas break. See more photos from inside the new building on Page 10.
Haley Schichtl / Carroll County News

By Haley Schichtl

After more than a year of work, the new Berryville High School finally opened its doors to teachers Monday, with students returning after their Christmas break on Tuesday.

World history and AP European history teacher Nicole McElhaney carries a box of supplies to set up in her new classroom.
Haley Schichtl / Carroll County News

It came fully equipped with new furniture, so the staff only had to move books and personal items on Monday.

Librarian Paula Vance had one of the tougher jobs.

“I boxed up 10,000 plus books,” Vance said. “It took a while.”

The new school building was a hub of activity on Monday as teachers began setting up their classrooms.
Haley Schichtl / Carroll County News

She said she began in September, but she’s had a lot of help from her coworkers in the process of moving them to the new library.

“Students won’t be allowed to eat in the library now because we’re trying to keep everything nice and clean,” Vance said. “But other than that, not a lot will change.”

Social studies teacher Tyrel Weston said he thinks districts across the nation would be proud of the facility. He said the biggest change he thinks the students will have to deal with is adjusting to the difference in layout.“Even within individual classrooms, things have been totally switched around,” Weston said. “But I’m excited about the additional space…. I think the broader hallways are going to make a big difference.”

Librarian Paula Vance said she boxed up more than 10,000 boxes for the new library, starting in September.
Haley Schichtl / Carroll County News

Although custodian Brenda Currie said it will be an adjustment having to take care of the extra square footage, she is excited about the new building.

“It’s massive but it’s awesome for us to have this kind of building here,” Currie said. “I’m proud for our town and for our school that we can have this kind of facility.”

Secretary Wendy McClellan said the biggest change for her will be the new security system.

The new school building features extra-wide hallways, which should make it easier for students to get around.
Haley Schichtl / Carroll County News

“The front doors are locked, you will buzz the front doors, there’s a video camera, and we’ll ask how can we help you … before we let you in,” she said.

McClellan said the school will have an open house soon to show off the new building to the community and parents, though they don’t have the date finalized yet. She said she’s most excited for the new performing arts center, which will be finished in March.

“Kids come tomorrow and we can’t wait,” she said. “They deserve this school.”

English teacher Kendra Turner prepares posters for her new classroom.
Haley Schichtl / Carroll County News
All that was missing Monday were the students, and they’ll be arriving on Tuesday after Christmas break.
Haley Schichtl / Carroll County News
New computers await the students’ return.
Haley Schichtl / Carroll County News
All of the furniture inside the new school building is also brand-new.
Haley Schichtl / Carroll County News
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