Cornerstone Bank’s parking lot donation raises $40,554 in 2019

Friday, January 10, 2020

Charles T. Cross, CEO of Cornerstone Bank, recently announced that the bank helped raise more than $40,554 for local organizations, civic groups and nonprofits in 2019 through the donation of the bank’s historic downtown Eureka Springs branch parking lot.

More than 90 groups began their fundraising efforts in mid-February running up to the end of December.

“We are very pleased that the donation of our bank’s parking lot to many different worthwhile organizations was able to raise this amount of money in 2019,” Cross said. “This is a true testament to these organizations, as they continue to achieve fantastic results with this fundraising forts. Our bank feels privileged to have an opportunity to give back to the community which makes our success possible.”

This is the 31st year the bank has allowed nonprofit and local civic organizations the opportunity to raise money with the parking lot proceeds. As a means to benefit the community, Cornerstone Bank donates the lot free of charge for any group that meets the standard criteria.

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