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A belated look back

Friday, January 3, 2020

Time really does fly.

As I thought about what I would write in this space today, I remembered a column I wrote at this time last year, outlining some resolutions for 2019. I thought I would go back to that column and see how I did.

As it turns out, that column was actually published TWO years ago, in December 2017. I donít know how I actually fared with those resolutions in 2018, but I knocked a few of them out of the park in 2019.

Among those were:

ē Not climb Mount Everest. I managed to keep this resolution with no trouble at all. In fact, it was the second easiest of all my resolutions.

ē Not spend one minute rooting for the St. Louis Cardinals. I could do this one in my sleep. I did spend an enjoyable couple of days in St. Louis last July with my son Ronnie, my daughter-in-law Christi and my oldest grandson Hayden. If youíve never been to the St. Louis Zoo, that alone is worth the trip. We also had great seats for a game at Busch Stadium, which is a beautiful ballpark if you ignore all the Cardinals propaganda. (Yes, I know youíre all Cardinals fans, but I canít help that. Cubs for life!) And we ate a delicious lunch at the Twisted Ranch restaurant, which features 31 flavors of ranch dressing.

ē Go fishing 20 times. I donít know if I got to 20 last summer, but I spent a lot of time at George Pond. I like my fishing as simple as possible ó give me a cane pole and some redworms, and Iím good to go. I canít think of too many better ways to spend a summer afternoon.

ē Change the oil. I did it! Religiously, every three months or less. I never even got close to 3,000 miles between oil changes. Hopefully, that will help keep my little carís engine in good shape for another 250,000 miles or so.

ē Drink more water. And more coffee. I aced the water part, but Iíve been trying to cut back on the coffee, with mixed results.

ē Go to Lucky Dragon more often. I fared pretty well with this one, too, especially in the last few weeks that it was open. I was even there along with associate editor Samantha Jones and her husband, Gideon, and photographer David Bell for its final night of business. Jerry, My and Dave, Iím going to miss you terribly but I wish you a long and happy retirement.ē Two other resolutions for 2018 were to attend a Cubs game in Kansas City, and to attend a Cubs game with my family at Wrigley Field. I made both those trips, and it has now become a summer tradition. This year, maybe weíll catch a game in Atlanta.

ē Absolutely, under no circumstances text and drive. I have to admit I used to engage in this stupid, stupid activity. But not anymore. With age comes ó well, not wisdom, but maybe a little more common sense.

ē Spend a weekend in an Arkansas state park. I still havenít done this, but I did spend my 50th birthday weekend at a beautiful cabin in a remote part of the Ouachita National Forest. I donít plan on waiting 50 years to do that again.

ē Continue to enjoy and appreciate the fact that I get to live in a beautiful place and come to work every day with people who work hard and care about each other. I aced this one. I am thankful to be here each and every day, and I never, ever forget to be grateful.

Every new day is a new opportunity. I aim to make the most of those opportunities in 2020, and I hope each of you will do that, too.

Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year!