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This and that

Friday, December 6, 2019

Producing a column to fill this space each week is sometimes, though not always, challenging.

Today is one of those times.

Iíve started and stopped a half-dozen times, unsure of a suitable topic. That happens sometimes, but the show must go on and the space must be filled.

I could write about the University of Arkansasí search for a head football coach. As I write this, on Monday afternoon, rumors are swirling that itís a done deal, with Lane Kiffin moving from Florida Atlantic to the UA. Iím not sure I buy that, but weíll see. Can Kiffin win at Arkansas? Maybe, but his track record as a head coach at Tennessee and Southern California is a little concerning.

I could write about how Iím not buying a single thing on Cyber Monday. I donít have anything against online shopping; in fact, I enjoy the convenience of it. Thereís just not anything that I canít live without today. Thatís not to say Iíve started my Christmas shopping. Iíll get to it, probably in another two weeks or so.

I could write about how frustrated I am with email. It can be such a useful tool, but sometimes I get so inundated with ďspamĒ that I miss a message thatís actually important.

I could write about how Iím unusually grumpy today. The Monday after Thanksgiving is typically a slow news day, and combining that with returning to work after several days of lazy relaxation has me feeling a little cranky.

On a happier note, I could write about today (Monday) being my grandsonís fourth birthday. Happy Birthday, Liam!

Weíll return to regular programming next week, hopefully, after this writerís block has passed.