GF police arrest six on drug charges

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Carroll County News

Six people were arrested on drug charges Monday afternoon in Green Forest.

A press release from the Green Forest Police Department says Green Forest officer Andres Lemus ran a Missouri vehicle license plate at a reported drug house on Tommy Ratzlaff Avenue at approximately 12:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 18. Moments later, the release says, Carroll County dispatch told Lemus the 2005 Nissan was reported stolen from the Branson, Mo. area.

Lt. Allen Phillips, Chief John Bailey and several officers joined Lemus to talk to the residents of the house. When they arrived, the release says, Lemus and Phillips went to the front door to speak with a person seen running into the house. The front door was open approximately six inches, the release says, and officers could see drug paraphernalia on a table just inside the house.

As other officers arrived, the release says, two people were found in the back yard. Officers checked both subjects and learned that both subjects had warrants confirmed for their arrest. Officers learned additional people were inside the house, the release says, but they refused to come to the door. While Phillips obtained a search warrant, the release says, officers secured the area around the house.The warrant was obtained, the release says, and Bailey, Phillips and Lemus went back to the front door and again identified themselves and began yelling for the people inside to come out. Moments later, the release says, a woman surrounded and came outside. Officers learned the name of one of the men inside who was wanted by the state of Kansas and Homeland Security, the release says, and the man was listed as possibly armed and dangerous.

The release says Green Forest police contacted members of the Tri-City Special Response Team to get the assistance of local officers who train in high risk entries. Bailey contacted Green Forest school superintendent Matt Summers, the release says, and briefed him on the situation. Summers and other school personnel, along with school resource officer Alma Ortaga, began making arrangements to re-route the school busses and to assist the children who walk home to keep everyone clear of the area, the release says.

Officers continued calling out for the people inside to come out, the release says. After approximately an hour and a half, the release says, another man came out peacefully. Officers learned other people were inside the residence, the release says, including the wanted man. Once the SRT team arrived, the release says, they continued calling out for additional people inside to come out of the house.

After several hours, the release says, the SRT team coordinated a plan and entered the home. Officers safely apprehended two other people inside the home, the release says, including the wanted man. Once the house was secured, the release says, officers searched the residence and collected drug paraphernalia, marijuana and methamphetamine. The release says six people were arrested –– three men and three women.

Bailey said he wishes to thank the many officers from Berryville, Eureka Springs, Carroll County Sheriff’s Office and Homeland Security for their assistance in apprehending the subjects.

“I also wish to thank Dr. Summers and the other school personnel for their cooperation and assistance in keeping our children safe and making sure they all arrived home safely during this difficult time,” Bailey said.

Bailey added, “It was greatly appreciated that the community remained calm and understanding and stayed clear of the area, allowing officers to do their job and come to a safe ending for all.”

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