Chester Drawers: Entertainer visits BV during Red Ribbon Week

Tuesday, November 5, 2019
'Chester Drawers' entertains Berryville students on Wednesday.
Haley Schichtl / Carroll County News

By Haley Schichtl

Eddie Bowman, more commonly known as ‘Chester Drawers,’ dazzled Berryville students with his jokes and songs at the intermediate and elementary schools on Wednesday, Oct. 30.

Bowman, who is from Purdy, Mo., is a children’s author, musician and comedian who goes to schools to entertain and teach valuable lessons to children.

“I’ve done this for over 20 years now,” Bowman said. “I’ve gone to schools in probably 15 states. I love Arkansas; I come to Arkansas a lot.”

He said he used to perform at around 200 schools a year, but doesn’t go to as many anymore. Wednesday of Red Ribbon Week, he visited Berryville students to help promote the week’s message.

“I try to emphasize to them the importance of good habits, good decisions, reading and, to go along with Red Ribbon Week, to stay away from drugs and alcohol … and to be respectful, responsible students, but to have a good time,” Bowman said. “To sing and enjoy life.”

Intermediate school librarian Erin Brewer helped set up a time to bring Bowman to the school.

“He contacted us about coming to the school, and when I was the librarian at Green Forest, he had been there, so I knew about him and what his show is like,” Brewer said. “So I got in touch with the K-2, and … he was available at the time that we had open so it just all worked out perfectly.”

Brewer is in her seventh year working at Berryville schools. She said that Bowman had also performed at Berryville before she joined the staff.

“We had his bird series here,” Brewer said. “After we got our date set, he sent us books and CDs. So the music teacher was able to play the songs he sang in music class so the kids would know them and be able to sing along.”

Third-graders Christopher Robinette and Eli Booth both said they loved Bowman’s songs. Robinette said his favorite song was “Gilbert the Goose” and Booth’s favorite was “Silly Dog.”

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