Green Forest junior high students audition for all-region choir

Friday, November 1, 2019
Green Forest students (from left) Paul Carter, Drake Martin, Lucas Poyner and Audrey Phillips will participate in an all-region choir clinic on Saturday in Bentonville.
Haley Schichtl / Carroll County News

By Haley Schichtl

Seventeen Green Forest Junior High students attended all-region auditions Saturday, Oct. 12.

Eighth-graders Drake Martin and Paul Carter and seventh-graders Lucas Poyner and Audrey Phillips will all go to all-region clinic on Saturday in Bentonville, though Martin is the only one who officially made it in.

“One officially made it in, the other three are technically alternates, because I have a first alt, a second alt and a third alt, but when they’re that high, they will go to clinic and they’ll sing, realistically,” Green Forest choir director Amelia Duarte-Black said. “Because all it takes is a junior high kid having another event, or being sick and not showing up. … So I just say I have four kids that made it.”

Duarte-Black said Martin made it to all-regional last year, but it was the first time auditioning for the other three. Phillips made it in the treble choir, and the other three are in the tenor/bass choir, she said.

“In order to be eligible to audition for all-state they have to have participated in clinic, but sometimes events come up and a kid has to miss clinic, and if it’s not excused they lose their all-state spot,” Duarte-Black said. “But if we didn’t have alternates participate in clinic nobody else could fill that spot.”

The students will get to participate in the all-regional clinic at Bentonville High School on Saturday, but they won’t audition for all-state like the senior high students do, Duarte-Black said.

“They meet with everybody else that made it in their choir. … They rehearse together and give a concert that night,” she said. “There’s not a junior high all-state level. Junior high is kind of introductory, to get them used to that process so that way, when they get to senior high, if they make it at the senior high level, then they can audition.”

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