No fall cleanup in GF: Mayor cites overtime costs for solid waste authority

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

By Haley Schichtl

There will be no fall cleanup this year in Green Forest, Mayor Jerry Carlton told the city council at Tuesday morning’s October meeting.

“Carroll County Solid Waste has had quite a turnover in employees this year, so we’ve had a growing amount of overtime,” Carlton said. “If we were to do a fall clean-up this year it would put them in the red.”

Also at the meeting, the street department discussed the squarescape project, which is an upgrade to the layout of the city square. The city was given a grant from the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department, and will begin work on the project toward the end of the month.

The parks department also gave its update on Larimer Park, which now has a walking trail.

“That’s some property we’ve owned for quite some time, and we got a grant through the highway and transportation department,” Carlton said. “We’ll have benches and lighting, and may eventually have something in the middle of it, some playground equipment or something.”

In other business, the council voted unanimously to rezone property at 1105 E. Main from a C-2 commercial property to an R-1 residential property.

Also at the meeting, the water department talked about its I&I action plan with engineering and design firm Olsson to put flow launders in 13 manholes around town.

“It kind of gives us an idea of where we have leaks in our system,” Carlton said. “They mapped out strategically 13 different spots where manholes are, and once we have a significant rain after those are implemented, if the levels are all the same, that means there’s no leakage.”

The department also discussed the Northwest Lift Station’s need for a new pump, which would cost around $21,000. Alderman Carroll Smith made a motion to purchase the new pump and the council voted unanimously to approve the purchase.

The wastewater department gave its update on the plant expansion.They said they are about two weeks from finishing the last two concrete walls.

“They’ll… be able to accept more of Tyson’s waste water to process it,” Carlton said. “This new expansion will help them with their output.”

The Green Forest City Council’s next regular meeting is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 12 at City Hall.

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