3-D mammography now offered in Berryville

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Mercy Imaging Services – Berryville has begun offering 3-D mammography, which delivers more detailed images to help physicians catch breast cancers at the earliest stage, when they are most treatable.

“We are so excited to offer this elevated level of care,” said VonDa Moore, hospital administrator. “Now women will not have to travel elsewhere to get a more detailed mammogram. We can give women the convenience of having a 3-D mammogram here in Berryville.”

The 3-D scans are conducted in an identical manner to 2-D mammograms. The 3-D scans provide hundreds of images, allowing radiologists to see cross sections of breast tissue. They can zero in on an area of concern and look at it from numerous perspectives. This cuts the number of “false positives” by as much as 40 percent, saving women the anxiety brought on by diagnostic testing that ultimately reveals no cancer.

Women with dense breast tissue benefit the most from 3-D mammography, but it’s a more detailed test that benefits all women. Insurance covers 3-D mammography, so it’s performed at no extra cost.

Most clinicians advise that women begin breast cancer screening at age 40 and have a mammogram annually. Women with a family history of breast cancer should begin earlier, in consultation with their physician.

To schedule a 3-D mammogram, call Mercy Imaging Services - Berryville at 870-423-5263. Mercy Imaging Services is located inside Mercy Hospital Berryville at 214 Carter St. in Berryville. For more information, go to Mercy Imaging Services on mercy.net

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