Students lead rally on climate change

Friday, October 4, 2019
Senior Annalee Garrison of the Eureka Springs High School Environmental Club gets ready to pass out some cookies wrapped in cloth napkins she helped sew.
Haley Schichtl / Carroll County News

By Haley Schichtl

Students in Eureka Springs High School’s Environmental Club gathered at the Eureka Springs Community Center on Thursday to raise awareness about climate change.

Junior Mia Evans said it is important for a high school to have clubs like this for people who are interested in taking action to show that young people care.

“High school students, who some adults seem to think don’t really have a voice, do have a voice,” Evans said. “And we can really help change stuff by telling everyone what’s important.”

Evans said the club hopes to have more of these rallies later on. Art teacher Jessica Cummings, who started the club, said she would like to have a rally every three months.

The club had petitions that ask local restaurants to reduce or eliminate Styrofoam and plastic take-out packaging. They displayed signs showing different things people can do to help the environment.

Some of the members of the club, including senior Annalee Garrison, sewed cloth napkins for cookies to pass out to people who came to the rally.“It’s just a way to say, there are other options,” Garrison said. “Even a reusable napkin can be something that can make a huge impact.”

Garrison, along with some of her fellow environmental club members, is also working on a film about climate change for a film class.

“I think that spreading a message through photography and videography is something that could help open people’s eyes,” Garrison said.

Senior Randa Grubb is also in the film class. She wants her film to help share with people how they can help the environment on an individual basis.

“Start with small things you do every day,” Grubb said. “For instance, if you are…doing your laundry, instead of putting your clothes in the dryer, you can hang them outside…. Everything helps.”

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