Cole is new 4-H program assistant

Friday, October 4, 2019

By Haley Schichtl

Savannah Cole became the new 4-H program assistant at the Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service’s Carroll County office in July.

Extension is a branch of the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, and its Carroll County office includes 4-H, agriculture, family and consumer science, and community development.

As the new 4-H program assistant, Cole helps the agriculture agent, Olivia Foster, and is in charge of recruiting and helping 4-H kids and their families in Carroll County.

4-H refers to the four H’s the club emphasizes — head, heart, hands and health. It is based on the assumption that young people learn best by doing, which is why it encourages them to be active and involved. Cole said it teaches them life skills and about community service.

Cole said one of the main aspects of 4-H is the solo project the students choose. Although the 4-H program was started by the division of agriculture, students don’t have to be interested in agriculture to be in 4-H. The projects students pick can range from farming to robotics to photography, Cole said.

“They pick something they love to do, and they work on that project through 4-H,” Cole said. “They can continue working on that project all the way until they graduate high school, or they can change their project every year.”

Cole said she was interested in the position because it combines her love of agriculture and working with kids. She also likes that it is in Carroll County, where she is from, so she knows a lot of people in the area.

“This is my home county,” Cole said. “I was in 4-H when I was younger and through my high school career I was in FFA.”

Unfortunately, she was in 4-H when she was very young, and doesn’t remember the project she picked. She said she just remembers doing a lot of community service.

“A lot of people think 4-H is just for little kids. It’s not — it’s for ages 5 to 19,” Cole said. “We had a girl just last year get a scholarship for what she did for her project.”

4-H students can apply for multiple scholarships through 4-H on

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