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Bet on it

Friday, September 27, 2019

Tomorrow night marks a yearly milestone for a group of my close friends. It is the finale of Big Brother 21 ó a critical two hours of reality television that will reveal the winner of our fantasy draft teams.†

Dora, Kasey, Gideon and I started out the summer with four contestants each. I stupidly slept through our fantasy draft and woke up just to choose a random name on the screen that hadnít been taken yet. I have to say it has not been a very good strategy. I am down to one player left and Kasey has the other two.

Sheís got a big head about the draft this year because she won last year. She only picked Kaycee to be on her team because they share the same name! Itís not like she had a glimpse into the future or something. But I digress. She won and I have to accept that. It would be much easier to accept if I could beat her this year. Then weíd be even. My trash talk would have some teeth.†

Speaking of trash talk, youíve never seen true sass until youíve been a part of a competitive reality TV show fantasy team group chat. It gets intense, you guys. Like I said, Kasey loves to brag about being the reigning champ. To her credit, she doesnít always bring it up. She lets you forget about it for a while but not for too long. Sheís like an animal observing its prey, waiting for just the right moment to strike and take down some egos. Mostly my ego, if Iím being honest.

A few days ago, Kasey remarked to me that itís interesting it has come down to the two of us again. I think it should always come down to the two of us, because we care the same amount. If youíre wondering, that amount is way too much.

If youíre a Big Brother fan, you know this season went from mildly entertaining to bonkers in just a couple of weeks. Dora and Gideon got annihilated the fastest, with Dora losing Tommy at final five and Gideon losing Cliff at final four. Cliff was a tough loss. He really defied the stereotypes associated with middle-age contestants on the show. In many other seasons, he would have been voted out first. But he wasnít. He was voted out fourth, immediately won the battle back competition and stuck around until final four.†

Between me and all of you, I really wanted Cliff to win. I wanted him to win so badly I didnít even mind losing. You really get to know these people by watching their every move for up to four months. Some you grow attached to and some you want to leave as soon as possible. Cliff is the kind of person most everyone gets attached to. Iím going to go ahead and say it: Cliff was robbed.†

Big Brother isnít the only TV show Gideon and I bet on. We also have fantasy teams for Survivor and Dancing with the Stars. Dancing with the Stars is a new one. Iím only watching because I want to support Hannah B. from The Bachelorette and Gideon thought it would be fun to have a little friendly competition.

You might be wondering what the winner of the draft gets, considering we make such a big deal out of this. Well, we are all about integrity so the award is bragging rights. As Kasey has demonstrated, itís possible to use this to your advantage.

So cross your fingers and toes for me, everyone! Hopefully the next time I write a column, Iíll be the illustrious winner of the great 2019 Big Brother 21 Fantasy Team Draft.